Brian Caine is a self-taught photographer and an outdoor enthusiast with a deep appreciation of nature and wildlife. By surrounding himself with the beauty and wonders of nature, Brian seeks to capture inspiring moments through his photography.

Born in Missoula, Montana, Brian started fly fishing on the Bitterroot River at a very young age. His outdoor interests have since expanded to include hiking, mountain biking, river rafting, skiing, and scuba diving.

With his photography, he makes every effort not to disturb or stress wild animals.  All of his prints are taken in the wild, not in captive environments or “game farms”.

Brian is committed to the conservation and protection of ecosystems and wildlife while still providing and maintaining resources for humans.  He strongly believes that we need to protect the world's species and their habitat.  Through his work, Brian aims to share a small slice of the beauty, power, and scale of the natural world and hopes his images will inspire others to protect the world's species and their habitat. 


Contact Brian Caine at [email protected]